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I Started Dj-ing in 1994 in clubs and on the radio but my love for music really began in the electronic era of the 80’s listening to the likes of Depeche Mode, Joy Division & New Order.  My first vinyl purchase, in Virgin Records on Aston Quay (1988) was True Faith by New Order.

Music changed fast back then and before long the 90’s dance music scene was kicking off & I found myself fully immersed in it. It was a privilege to be a part of this musiic/dance /dj scene. The early 90’s was the era of the dj and underground clubs. Clubs such as Side’s DC. The Dj’s who played there were many but without a doubt my favourites were Liam and Billy on Saturday nights banging out Acid House / Italian House. I was hugely influenced by this style of music and found myself hooked.

If I was asked to suggest a favourite tune back then it would have to be ‘I WILL TRANCE YOU’ on Limbo Records’

Inspired by Liam and Billy I now had the taste for it all, I wanted to bang out tunes just like them, I started buying Records myself from Abbey Discs, Tag Records and the like. My favourite record labels were Gorilla and Limbo Records, produced by artists such as Fabio Paris and Drum Club Sound System. Italian House was definitely my go to taste and still is today. Eager to make it all happen I purchased my first set of decks ; Setronics,  an all on one twin set, bad choice I know but I was only at the learning stage. Eventually, through working hard and saving I was able to get my hands on a set of 1210’s Technics Decks and a Made 2 Fade mixer.  Learning to mix ( badly ) and experimenting with tunes I was guided and given many masterclasses by well known djs of the time who became good mates. Playing at the odd party here and there I started getting requests for mixes on tape. Barry Mullens aka Latin Wolfe approached me having listened to one of my mix tapes and asked me to take a slot playing on Club FM radio. On the back of doing well on the radio  I found myself being requested to play at venues e.g one of the earliest was an old club house rave in Rathfarnham. I then had a residency slot in The Polo Club Leeson Street.  Through a friend I played in The Pink Elephant Zoo Bar and The Rock Bar, Temple bar. One of the last venues I played in was The Underground Club in Dame Street. The venues were great but I always had the draw back to playing on radio, I played on  stations such as Energy FM, Kiss FM, Nova FM, Heat FM, Tonic FM, and now I’m banging out tunes on the Live Sessions  fortnighting on a Saturday  on our very own HOT FM. 7.30 pm to 9.30pm

The media of Radio has to be one of the best ways to show case your music, your sound, your style in your own way.  So come on get involved TUNE IN TO THE LIVE SESSIONS ON HOTFM & shake a leg with me EVERY 2ND SATURDAY